IQ Test, Please!

Probably the most horrifying thing on CNN this week was an interview with six women from Pennsylvania who call themselves swing voters. Twitter was fired up over the response of one, who, when asked if she would support Trump if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue, said she would want to know what why he shot them.

But that’s just hardcore Trumpcult, and not at all surprising. Trumpies believe he has a good reason for everything he does and says, and it is not for mere mortals to understand him. It’s the other women on this panel who scare me. When asked if Trump has anything to do with the divisiveness they decry, five of the six say no. And when asked for one word to describe Trump’s presidency, half of them can’t seem to count: “one of a kind!” “for the people!” and that old sawhorse, “entertaining!”

“Are you not entertained?” Trump bellows to the crowd, and they bray back in the affirmative. At his last rally, supporters were given shirts to wear that said “Read the Transcript!” But there is no transcript of the infamous call with the Ukrainian president, only a summary of that meeting, which is pretty damning in itself. And what makes you think any of these people would read that transcript, or even could? Is it too late to bring back the elitist idea of giving voters an IQ test? Asking for a nation.